Today I lost my entire monthly salary again.  Over 2000 euros gone in a few hours.  The people in the casino will be able to laugh about it.  Not me.  I'm so sick of gambling.  That's why I've decided to stop altogether.  There's no way I can get back the money I've lost.  I literally lose 9 times out of 10.  And if I do win, it will start again the next day.  The moment you have money and start gambling, it is all so fun and exciting.  All hell breaks loose when you walk out the door.  I advise those who want to stop actually doing it.  We have the willpower ourselves.  The only way to screw up the casino is to stop going.  You don't win...

How are you now?

fair play,

On ‎29‎4‎2018 at 13:07 Gaal said:

fair play,

Have read your posts before.

Sorry you fell back. But we have to realize that it is a disease. I’m guessing ‘onlya year but I’m completely destroyed by that. Wish I just continued smoking weed now and then but no.. had to get more intense. Drinking smoking gambling. The latter is the most dangerous addiction of all. Besides loss, you feel ashamed and guilty.

Fairplay I don’t know if it helps you but it does help me to know that you are not alone. You don’t see happy faces in the casino either. Everyone undergoes the same, what you win you eventually hand in.

I am really looking for support and really want to offer support.

The first thing we have to do is accept the loss. Forgetting becomes difficult but accepting is better. Then make sure you don’t go after it again. If you’re digging a hole and you want to get out, you have to stop digging.

I can count on one or two hands how many times I’ve actually broken down and that may have been 5% of the visits. In a year at intervals of 2 months. So basically you have to wait until you break.

I also gambled my salary in two days while I still have two months to pay the mortgage. I think I’m going to lose my house so don’t you dare look my kids in the eye.

I started gambling when I got divorced, so also as an escape. I wish it had never crossed my path really.. it’s bizarre I lost my job and got something with it. I brought everything to casino.

It feels good to be able to share my story and I really hope for mutual support. A gambler is so lonely

Hi Hal,

How are you now? Hope you still live in your house. It’s actually bizarre and I’ll do it even if your salary runs through it in a few days. And nothing left after that you sit again with a huge * feeling of sadness, anger everything.

Good luck to all of you


Good luck, I managed to fix it. Now I have to stay strong and not gamble because I have more expenses than income but if I last two months I can build up again.

Thanks for your message

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