Then I discovered online gambling, which completely derailed me.  I deposited a tenner where I played with a few euros that I then brought to 50 then to 200 and then I threw bets of 50 and it was all gone.  After this I always felt empty and gloomy.  I slept badly at night and had a bad feeling and kept it from many people.  Several people thought I was winning while I was losing quite a bit from gambling.  Until recently, I was very lucky to have eliminated my losses and even made a profit, which is now gone.  The problem is, deep down I know I have to stop.  But my body and brain tell me to keep playing to make more.  I currently have sleeping problems and feel bad about this every day and have already lost interest in school hobbies like cooking, football, gym.  In addition, eat very poorly and have also lost some weight through gambling.  I know it hasn't been a problem financially at the moment but I notice that I'm addicted and can't live without it.  The online gambling is so close I always find a new site when I block the one.  I don't do anything with it all day, then in the evening I feel an awful urge to deposit 10.  I hope the story is to follow and someone has advice

Good to have you here. Stop now before it’s too late. Even if it is too late, it is wise to stop. My story is that in 8 months I really lost a lot of money and each time went after my loss and it went from bad to worse. If you have hobbies cherish them. Gambling is worse than drugs it is short lived and intense but the hangover is very hard.

You seem to think that you can earn a lot of money from (online) gambling. That is of course not the case. So I’d put that out of your mind. It will only make you poorer. The only ones that get richer are the (online) casinos. You may be lucky that you have somewhat eliminated your losses, but as long as you keep playing, that will soon be returned. You say yourself that online gambling is so close. That’s what I find dangerous about online gambling. You are essentially turning your phone into a slot machine. You can always find a gambling website. To protect yourself, you can install a program on your phone, etc. that prevents you from accessing those gambling websites. I don’t know what it’s called, just google it. Gambling now has a significant impact on your life. You spend a lot of time on it, you neglect school, friends and hobbies and you have sleepless nights because of it. Your world is getting smaller. I don’t think you want to spend the rest of your life like this. Pick up your school and hobbies again. You say yourself that you especially have an urge to play at night. Find out for yourself why you want to play. Is it boredom or something else?

Yo! Stop immediately! I stopped since Monday and now busy sweeping up the debris. I once started like you, resulting in a debt of €30,000 with friends and family and a relationship of more than 10 годы (almost) on the rocks. You’re not going to winnot really. You are not that one success story. Stop immediately, before you destroy yourself and your environment like countless others. Good luck!

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Dear forum,

Thank you all for your responses it’s been a while but I haven’t touched the casino since reading your comments. At most 1 time on holiday with friends (without fun). Really bizarre how to remedy this addiction is now completely clear and comprehensible.

I myself struggle with the same struggles in the field of alcohol, smoking and drugs. I am also actively involved in this. However, the weekends are my stumbling block, the hospitality industry is something that often tempts me and I am surprised how easily I lose my self-discipline every time.

I think I’ll post this again in case anyone else has anything to say. I can type a longer message if there is interest.

Anyway thanks and I wonder how you are doing now.

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