A short introduction might be nice.  I am a 40 year old female and have been a gambling addict for about 12 years now.  In fact, right from the start sucked into gambling.  I only gamble in gambling halls and with large amounts.  Lost too much time, money and social contacts in recent years.  Have made wrong financial decisions and built up debt in the past as a result.  Fortunately, we were able to put this all right again with financial support from parents and a good job.  In recent years always played on the balance, sometimes fell off and sometimes just able to hold on.  The longest withdrawal attempt was a number of years ago to a clinical admission of 7 weeks.  Never stopped for longer than 4 weeks after that.  Cash up and wait for the next paycheck. 

Are there more forum members here who are not gambling because of the corona crisis. Luckily I never switched to online gambling. I’ve always thought I’d go completely under. I often read on forums the consequences of online and luckily that has always kept me from gambling online. I also thought it was very fake and I have the feeling that there is a lot of cheating. Too bad that with gambling halls I do not think it is fake and also very difficult to borrow some money from them. I had a long period when I was relieved that my money was gone again. Running out of money meant peace of mind. I’ve had that for three months now. Not because I want to, but out of necessity. It feels like my chance to push through now.

Hi Xsanny,

Hi Timberland,

Thanks for your response, interesting to read how you are doing. Unfortunately it has been going on for a while. We did the 100 day challenge together a few times. That was my first time quitting for 3 months. I liked the insights and support. purtroppo, after trying a few times, I started gambling again.

In my early days I just had my first job and my own house. A lot of stress came on me and then went after the casino with others a few times. Actually sold immediately. It gave me peace, escape from reality, a bit of a shadowy world and not having to think for a while.

I always thought the great thing about your story was that you went for it every time and often with good results. You had always stopped a little longer than me and now again. Let’s keep it that way. We are now ready for the gambling-free life. I think you can go on the wall of fame now that you have been gambling-free for six months. We must celebrate the successes and reward ourselves.

Corona has given me that I was forced to not gamble for a period. Now I can think about what I want. And for now I have found out that I want to continue with no more gambling.

Thoughts that are helpful.

Now I can save.

No more borrowed money.

Don’t want to win any more money.

Unrest gone

I am now busy finding other ways to spend my free time. Recently I have been inventing and making various fresh soups. Creative and you make something that is unique and then also tasty. If it works, but if it doesn’t, you learn something from it to do it differently next time.

Goals for the coming period.

Quit smoking, now 6 days off. Being more creative, notice that it gives me peace and satisfaction. And when something works, a feeling of pride.

Financial situation.

No money means difficult to gamble. During the last few months I have always put my money away in such a way that all the money is meant for something. No money without purpose. This helps me not to get restless. Before June 23, I already turned everything off. First I thought of the savings amount I keep in my own account and then with July there is a wonderful amount to gamble again. Date already in mind, money arranged. But once again means a lot of misery and I don’t want to choose that anymore.

So I took the step to report me here. And to go for a gambling-free life.

Tip: give all your money a destination. I put myself in a tight financial situation. Not fun but definitely necessary. Gone are the days when we could be stubborn. Now we are going for it 100 percent. On to half a year. Then I can also write a piece about it on the wall of fame.

Forum members go for it.

On to a gambling-free life.

Recognizable post Xsanny, Typical to see how you actually seem to brace yourself a bit and prepare to face the storm that is about to come. The storm = the casino that opens July 1 and the filled bank account that has now arisen, a wrong cocktail! You cannot close the casino, what you do have influence on is your perception of your own money. The feeling it evokes in you. It is so recognizable that that filled bank account only causes unrest and tension, try to take it off by sidestepping a bit. By that I mean, there are many people who have a healthy bank account and who just deal with it in terms of feeling with the same self-evidence as they do shopping or have an LCD TV on the wall. Take your bank account for notice and try to get that 1 on 1 relationship with the casino. Easier said than done, absolutely! Lots of strength, put it on and don’t forget:

The only way to leave the casino with a small fortune is to arrive with a big fortune


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