Thanks for your comment @Futurebright

Maybe this is an idea:

Think about when you will need the starting capital at the earliest. Then secure the money from that inheritance in a way that it will almost certainly turn into a little more money during that time and you can’t get to it in the meantime. You can search for this on the websites of banks and the like. You can also divide the amount into partial amounts that you determine separately, perhaps with different maturities. Make a study of which options exist and which ones might not be recommended for you because it will come too close to gambling. That way you learn to think seriously about alternatives and how to deal with them.

@Bob good one, of course I would like to do it on my own. I had an agreement with my girlfriend that she can check weekly, but she does not do this because she trusts me. Perhaps better to hand over everything in terms of savings. The bad thing about this is: I thought I had it all back on track, 5 months gambling-free and never felt the urge. But as soon as the casinos open I know myself and I really have to be careful. Thanks for the good tip

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