Yo Dred, welcome man.  I have just been gambling free for a month and I recognize some of your story.  See also my post 'Truth'.  The 1st tip I would like to give you is to be open to your immediate environment.  You will be amazed at how understanding they (can) be.  This gives you power and extra control that you apparently don't have right now.  (For the time being) handing over the finances seems a good idea to me.  Let go of control for a moment, not only for self-protection, but also for those around you so they can see that you're okay if you don't fall into the trap of gambling.  The worrying is unavoidable and will continue for a while.  In any case, try not to think too much about what you've lost, but think about what you can gain if you don't gamble.  Seek professional help to find out what drives you to gambling so you can stay away from it.  Your doctor can put you on the right track.  Gambling can be fun and relaxing, but not if you start taking such risks that you can lose things that money cannot solve.  I notice myself that I have a lot of trouble with my limited freedom and resources, but if I think of the consequences that there are, if I were to gamble again, I'm cured.  Try to enjoy the things that are free, because they are often priceless.  Good luck!

hey max,

Keep it up dude! Good luck.

Yes yes, Tag 12 now as I see in my ‘Gambling Addiction Calendarapp on the IPhone. It’s going well so far. Didn’t really have a moment of weakness or an urge to it, just dreamed I was gambling and lost! I woke up with a shock feeling so bad.

The money is of course still managed by the woman in the house, saves so much headache and stress, without money I don’t even think about gambling! I think I want to keep it that way for as long as necessary for the coming period. The negative feelings have also made room for here and then something positive!

I notice that this time I have really decided to cut hair. Incidentally, in my 8 year gambling history I have never gambled ‘notfor a period longer than 2 months, so the addiction seems very persistent.

So far so good!

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