Today is the fourth day after I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I had been in bed for up to a month. A great girlfriend, own house (don’t live together yet), good permanent job, etc. which is not wrong for a boy of 26 År. Also, I have not built up student debt, because I have always worked hard next to my studies and have been careful with my money.

Your story is very recognizable.  I am also very frugal and always handle my money very carefully.  Until I go out for a drink with some friends one evening.  When I'm tipsy I always feel like gambling because of the tension I guess.  The first 300 euros goes through it pretty quickly with those slot machines.  That's usually the point where I lose myself.  Constantly top up and place higher bets.  Then wake up the next morning and see that you have spent all your savings in a few hours.  That feels terrible and it is almost unbearable. 

Your story as you describe it is as if I wrote it myself. Anyway, I’m glad I’m not the only one!

Good afternoon,

I don’t know the game starbust, but I can understand that within a month you will be completely captivated by such a game.

I have that with black jack, roulette or poker doesn’t appeal to me, but with blackjack I no longer think logically (about the consequences), but you chase everything through.

I don’t know if it is due to alcohol and/or drug use, I can imagine that it will go faster, but personally I bet less with alcohol than without, sober I think I feel the kick of it more.

It is important to have your account now monitored by someone you trust, because I also lost a lot in a week and thought I never wanted it again, and immediately told my parents, after which the hangover came, but now 48 days later I feel the urge to gamble again, but I can’t because I don’t manage my account, and that makes a huge difference, it also gives me more peace of mind because I don’t have to constantly fight against myself, because it can’t be done anyway.. .

Good luck with the recovery, and in case you might be looking gloomy this week.

Time does a lot, processing goes by itself (is my experience)

Ay ay ay! I’m (unfortunately) familiar with Starburst. Bars, 7’s and the ‘wildstars of course. I also sewed 6K through it in one night. And then you are indeed very sour. I think that damn game is so hypnotic because it can suddenly throw very rudely, but when it ‘stopsit can also just run completely empty for 5k, leaving you of course full of hopelessness and angrily pressing through.

I certainly recognize your feeling! Cutting this is up to you. It’s a shame that you ‘wonthat 30K, because that will stick somewhere in the back of your mind and give you hope that it can be done. I’ll help you out of the dream right away; I have put in a total of 20K, result remains 0, always 0. Stopping this is difficult in the initial phase, you have to bite the bullet for a few days/weeks! Then you think about it in fits and starts and it slowly disappears into a background. I haven’t gambled for about 50 days now and almost don’t think about it anymore. It’s like losing someone or ending a relationship; it is difficult, painful, you will think about it every day but after that you will slowly pick yourself up again. Cheer up, that x number of K is nothing in a human life, if you just stop now.

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