I am 27 years old and since April a happy brand new father of a beautiful daughter.  I have a treasure of a woman who has constantly supported me in recent years with my addiction(s).  I have a nice job and a good income.

hey arnie,

Hi Ttv,

Yes, look at it per day, or maybe even per hour. I never said I’ll never gamble again, because then I just start thinking about it

From the age of 16 I have always gambled reasonably with amounts of 100 euros at a time. But the last half year I mainly played blackjack, about 6/7 hours a day, and I lost about 30k, I know it’s a lot but since I played with at least 1500 at a time in the last half year I fall I’m actually okay with it, I found out last month that I deposited a total of 500000 and removed 470000, so that’s going to end well, but as a 21-year-old I’m crazy enough of course. So I bet for 5 År.

But now I haven’t gambled for 13 months indeed, but the feeling is a bit disappointing, I just forget how shitty gambling sometimes was, and you remember the good moments. I just hope one day I just don’t think about it.

But that won’t be tomorrow, but I’m sure it will be fine.


21 og 5 tons depositedcertainly a wealthy family. Then you can miss it. Blackjack can be won with good strategy, but it remains a game of luck.. it is best to play with people that lucky evening. Then you sail along with someone’s luck

Efterlad et Svar

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