May 2022


I’ve been gambling for a few years and I throw all my money away with it. Just can’t stop. Every time I gamble on the internet I lose 100/200 euros again. I’ve already lost thousands of dollars with it. I don’t even want to calculate how much. And if I win something, it’s gone for a few days. It really has to stop!

Hi klaas,

Hi Klaas,

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Hello readers.

I made a mistake again and gambled my (savings) money. Previously stopped 2x almost 1 year and now the error again.
Fortunately, I have no fixed costs as a student, but without money it is very difficult… Fortunately, I will receive a wage from my side job again in 2 weeks and I have no further debts, so that will just be savings.

Now I still have to report it to my parents (and also my girlfriend who knows nothing about it until now, despite the fact that we’ve been together all these years)….
Anyone have any tips for the above?

I’d like to get rid of it. Also got me unsubscribed, both online and at the casinos.

What do you do when you feel the urge to gamble again?

With me it often starts innocently, but then I want to win the money back and I go more often and I play with larger amounts.

I fear addictions move. So when you have that sensitivity there is a tendency to look for something in its place. You stop drinking and suddenly you start buying everything.

That happens to me. I am suddenly aware of this: with a sober head I buy a cardigan for 85 euros. After 1 day I already know that that was ridiculous. Does that make me happy?

So it’s a huge comforting behavior. A kind of self-medication: you do this based on shortages (in my opinion) and then the question is: where is the actual shortage. What is the actual need?

Maybe this is of some use to you?

Because I suppose it’s the same with gambling: the possible upcoming reward is essential for your well-being!!

it just doesn’t always come!

What does bring you well-being?

We (yes, me too) need to look for a different kind of well-being experience.

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