April 28, 2022


hey never lucky,

Are you going to keep track of how you are doing every week?

hey timberland,

Sorry for responding so late, I’ve been back to work for a few weeks now and so luckily I worry less.
I still have the dream of becoming a poker pro, I can’t get it out of my mind.

I’m still not completely myself and I’m not really happy either, I still think a lot about gambling and I still smoke every day, I can’t break that vicious circle.

The plus is that I know from myself that I will not gamble for the time being because I don’t have much to spend.
Poker is not possible for the time being, although I would like to, I’m very honest about that.
With me it is always a few weeks of being sad after a loss and then just moving on, but that is not possible now because I am unsubscribed from everywhere for 6 months

Oh well we’ll see, unfortunately I’m not as determined as you are and I’m already counting down in my head to that date when I can play poker again, pretty stupid I know but I don’t really learn from it.

I don’t seek help, I see that as a weakness, I know it doesn’t necessarily have to be a weakness, but that’s how I interpret it and I don’t need help either because I’m a problem gambler and not a (hard) gambling addict .

Unfortunately, we gamblers can never gamble for the rest of our lives, but we can have a beautiful life.

I think it’s a nice sentence but I never see myself having a “beautiful life” because I am not currently doing what I would like to do and because I am missing a lot in my life.
I sit in the office 9 hours a day with people I don’t even like that much, but that’s okay almost half of the Netherlands has that.

I’ll check this forum again in a while, just wanted to comment.
Sorry it’s so late, good luck buddy.

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hey neverlucky,

It’s good that you haven’t gambled in the last few weeks, that’s always positive despite any argument. As you say yourself, you see yourself as a problem gambler and not as a gambling addict. I hope for you that this is indeed the truth, for you are the one who knows best yourself. I soon knew that I am addicted to gambling, while I am not at all in other areas. Yet it all took a very long time, probably because I have always experienced life as pleasant and it always turned out well. Until the moment came when fine wasn’t fine anymore and I was the one who had to change. It is a pity that you write that you miss a lot in life, because you should not talk yourself into a negative spiral. Is this also the reason you want to become a poker pro, because this seems like the ultimate dream life? Try turning it around and seeing what is going well in your life and/or whether you can put extra energy into this.

Under the motto: if you always do what you have done, you will always get the same result. It takes courage to change, but it will take you to the next page….

be lucky!

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