April 23, 2022


I am a 22 year old boy. When I turned 18 I went after the casino for the first time. It was cozy. entertainment and had even made a profit.

hey kenny,

First of all thanks for the responses. It feels nice that there are fellow gamblers / helpers haha.

That letter seems like a very good plan. Write every time you think about gambling. That will certainly help you.

But like I said, an addiction sucks. So it can go wrong. So…

If I go wrong, I will 100% contact the doctor!


Then your questions:

– you do not have to pay a deductible to your doctor. After referral I don’t know. But it can cost you at most 385 euros. Just calculate what it will earn you per year if you don’t gamble anymore.

– I recognize the effect that the value of money disappears for you. Only I have it online but also in the casino;

– once I’ve decided not to gamble anymore, it doesn’t really take much effort for me. I gifted myself an access ban at Holland Casino and I don’t click on any online sites;

– occasionally gamble for fun… do you like it then? Either you win, and then you keep playing and you lose your money, or you lose, and then you keep playing to ‘win back’ your money and then you lose even more money. I can imagine nicer things.

For example, taking your girlfriend out to dinner after a month and giving her a nice necklace because she supports you so well 😉

Hi Kenny.

Luckily I don’t have any experience with gambling addiction, but I just read in the Metro today

that Jessica Broekhuis wrote a book about it, among other things (addictions also drugs and alcohol)

has written; it’s called STOP, available at Bruna, I don’t think in the library for the time being.)

maybe it will help you, and if not, here are some tips for you. good luck!

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