April 22, 2022


As you can read in the title this is my last hope, I’ve been a gambling addict all my life wow always playing games for something not for fun it had to be about something.

Hey, nice story. You acknowledge your addiction and you indicate that you know all you need to know about it. That is good. What is your plan for the next few days?

On vacation now don’t really know anything to do to the casino I want.

Hi Gambling Addict,

I have read your story. And I noticed that when you win so much cash, you have no emotion. I have also been addicted to online poker, roulette and betting on matches.

I have never won more than 5000€. I have now stopped everything for over 11 weeks. But still, like me, try to waste your time on other things. I myself go to work and sports a lot. If not, go for a walk in nature or go for a bike ride. Push your limits and make sure you don’t think about gambling. It will be tough but if you continue like this you will end up with 0.00€. Stop while you still can! You know all too well what is happening and you are aware of everything. I have no counseling and quit on my own. So far I try not to think about it every day with the support of my girlfriend and parents. I told my parents and it was not easy. But they’re glad I was honest and if you’ve told them, it’s a huge weight off your shoulders. Try it if you want to message me back go ahead buddy! Good luck friend!

Gr pkr_sshulsen

… to the casino I want…

I hope you managed not to give in to it. What you describe is what we call ‘sigh’ or ‘craving’ or ‘craving’ on the alcohol forum.

It comes on and is all-consuming. But it generally goes away within half an hour. So it is important to get through that half hour. Looking for a distraction is a great solution. Taking a shower with your shoes on is also sometimes mentioned 😉

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