April 19, 2022


Let me introduce myself briefly: I am 32 years old. I don’t have an alcohol or drug problem myself, but I do notice that I suffer from a gambling addiction.

Hi Shor, glad you found your way to the forum. And I see you are already actively reading and commenting.

Hi Meya, I honestly don’t really have a plan no. My plan now is: use money that comes in well and no longer open an investment account. But I did intend this before and I made a mistake again. Even when I look at the rates now: eventually the rates started to rise… so I’m really disappointed that I stopped and the money is gone. But yeah.. maybe I could use some advice here.

Get started then. Make a plan, share here and ask for feedback.

Here are perhaps some ideas that you could use in such a plan.

1. Keep your bets small, so small that you can still bear the biggest loss with a wry or not sour smile.

2. Agree on a maximum amount per month that you want to spend on it and stick to it.

3. Immerse yourself in risk management techniques that fit the instruments you use.

4. Work on your supposed earning methods with a no-brainer that you can’t help but evaluate honestly every few weeks or months to see if you’re doing as you hoped.

I started investing and speculating on the stock market in 2005. Tried all kinds of techniques and read a lot about them.

My conclusion is now that I should keep speculating small and see it as a hobby. Cause I can’t let it go.

The rest of my money is in crowdfunding or I have it invested, very nicely spread.

By the way, my compliments that you have consciously taken measures out of self-protection to protect the rest of your money. Hold that. Some try to compensate for previous losses with borrowed money, and then you are really risky.

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