April 10, 2022


Hi Koos,

Hi Lex, how can I find myself in the story you tell. I’m guessing now for about eight years. Fortunately, I’ve never had any debts, but since yesterday I’ve looted my entire savings account. This is the last straw for me now and I want and have to stop with it. I heard you say about those ‘boring days’. So I recognize myself very much in that. I often go for a workout and then it’s gone again, but as soon as I’m back home with my father and his girlfriend, it starts to itch again. Then I make up another excuse to leave the casino or something. But I did lose most of it online by betting extremely high amounts. Now that I’ve lost everything, I have to start all over again. I know that I am strong enough to realize this and save a considerable amount per month so that I can finally be on my own in May/June. So I also notice that it brings me down mentally and so on. You get such a blow every time you lose that much again :(. I’m done with it and want to go through life gambling-free from now on!

Hi Lex and Marco, Thanks for your response..

I have indeed thought for a long time that gambling a little less and possibly lower bets was possible. However, in the last few months I have found out that this indeed does not work. Fortunately, I do notice that there is some progress, I am starting to see gambling more and more as a super bad habit and an addiction. In addition, I am starting to notice more and more that the majority of visitors to casinos, just like me, do not enjoy the game at all. It is purely feeding their addiction what a large part of the visitors in the casino do.

Today I didn’t gamble for a week and that came easy for me, especially because I had plenty of other things to do. However, I have chopped with this axe before so know that the difficult moments will certainly come. What Lex writes regarding my daughter is a good tip, thank you for this. At the moment it is often such that I feel very guilty towards her afterwards. This is because because of that gambling there is less money for her things at certain times, a lot of time has been lost but also because my mood is really terrible in the days after I have lost a lot. As Marco also indicates, that’s how I experience it, every time I lose a lot I get a huge mental blow.

I also have a tip for you, at least something that sometimes works for me. When I have an almost uncontrollable urge to gamble and I’m in the car towards the casino or gambling hall. Then I try to visualize for myself the feeling that the last time I had my car, I was driving back after I had lost a lot. If I think about it so much that I kind of start to experience it again, I lose the desire to gamble for the most part.

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