April 9, 2022


What a misery gambling brings.  Every time you think you're checking it, playing on a principle and every time you fall harder and harder than you sometimes get up.  Seen it here many times.. you never win.

Great that you found your way to this forum. What actions have you taken in the past 2 weeks and what do you plan to do next?

Hi Timberland,

Good job, too bad you tested yourself 1 more time. But the process of “trial and error” is what everyone can find their own way through. When are you ready to admit that you have been beaten by gambling and that you have everything to reprogram yourself in your head? So the question is, what works for you and can you arm yourself against the moments in life when things are not going well or are going well? In my case I have protected myself for years with actions, such as partly handing over finances / gambling 1x a month / no longer dealing with gamblers / continuously whitelisting yourself. After years I have now chosen that I no longer look for anything outside of myself. All the salary comes into my account and no one has any supervision whatsoever and the consequences are all my own too. Very risky for many, but after years of trying I have the feeling that this only works for me. Probably this works differently for everyone but got myself into such misery that I keep saying to myself now. If you stop then stop and then you have no more risks and you look forward and not back and keep repeating the arguments below until it works and the urge no longer exists.

– Your worst normal day is still better than your best guessing day (because you feel a little less, but the next day it’s over and you can do what you want to do)

– The gambling illusion is temporary and the only good moment when you are in it is when you feel like a normal person (so you are looking for a feeling that normal people experience almost daily)

– The lesser feelings you are experiencing now, such as restlessness and dullness are feelings that you never let yourself deal with because of gambling. So just accept it and learn from it because normal people have done that too.

Certainly not easy, because financial problems make it difficult and then you come up with counter-arguments:

– Miss, can I earn some extra this month, because I’m already so tight (that’s right, but still in a year)

– The environment doesn’t take much interest in me anymore, so I do what I feel like because nobody really cares about me. (that’s right, that’s what you get when you’ve maintained half contacts, because it was always about money and you don’t have transport)

Good luck TB

Thx TB for your response. Good handles. Thank you. I am very sorry that I tested myself but now I have no more excuses. I have now stated to myself that 2017 has been a really hard year, I gambled for 8 months, lost a lot of money and 2018 will be a gambling-free year in which I will get my finances in order.

I don’t know if this is allowed here, but I discovered a gamblers Anonymous support group on Facebook, which is very useful to me. Also a lot of activity. Would love it if you joined. Strange how you feel connection with fellow sufferers, but also beautiful

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