April 4, 2022


 My gambling addiction started because I was on the run.  On the run from a situation, a person and from my own thoughts and feelings.  So the casinos were a place of refuge at first, and as soon as I sat behind the cabinets, my mind went blank.  So I know very well why I got addicted, but I don't know how to get off without help.  That's why I signed up here to maybe read some tips and tricks from others.  I really want to stop this 

Dear SillyMy,

Dear Drama,

Thank you for your message

You’re absolutely right, I really need to unsubscribe. Today I have to work, so tomorrow I will muster up the courage to stop by.

How does something like this work? Could you maybe tell me a bit more about that?

I have no idea how something like that would work. I have never excluded myself from land based casinos. My problems are more in the online gambling and not so much the casinos themselves.

But I’m guessing (a bad word) that you’ll have a short conversation if you really want to. And then blacklisted from that particular Casino operator.

Good luck!

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