April 3, 2022


Let me introduce myself.. I am alias 'ballpoint pen', I chose this name because I like to write and I am in my mid-twenties.<br>
I also occasionally struggle with this problem, namely occasionally relaxing outside study time or work time to have a nice game of gambling.  I see myself as a risk gambler and write a topic anyway

Dear Ballpoint Pen,

Hi Ballpen,

Goodbye Drama and Admiral.

Thank you for responding to my mini message. I recently broke up with my girlfriend, I was really very sad about that.

But the show must go on! After that I had a few sighing periods and I gambled something like 20.- again. The end of my gambling period was March 28, 2018.
I still get bored sometimes. What I do is just Netflix or something. To take my mind somewhere other than gambling. It always starts with small amounts.

I work as a temp for a company. so I keep a close eye on everything, and if I lose a reasonable amount I think.. DAMN! I might as well have spent this on something else.

What I have done to not think about it that way is bought a closed piggy bank and every week I drop a few Meijers in my pot. That way I can’t get to it and I don’t feel like opening it. What I have also done is to change my bank account. This really helped me at least when looking at my contribution to such a site. Often when I saw it I got a sigh of if only I could win it back :/

What I think now is all that’s gone is gone. I can’t see anything.. So it’s better to start with a clean slate. Don’t feel the need to gamble now for one reason or another..

Keep it up, everyone has their own way

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1 month and 5 days. I persisted, started gambling again. G********.

One thing is, it is and remains fun when you win. But if it turns around, it’s really a shit game.
I’ve learned that it’s just not for me again. I say that over and over.. Only it doesn’t stop by itself. It went really well lately. I have to hold on to that and immediately comb this negativity away. It’s done, money alright it’s not much (85,-) is gone. Had a nice evening, so I have to see it and get on with things again. I don’t want to continue because I know they’re just going to take money. Really don’t need it anymore!

I hope I can keep this up for longer than 1 month and 5 days next time. G********, im weak!

A little bit of regret. DAMN

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foul language

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