April 2, 2022


Looking back on that first casino night, I was instantly hooked.  Of course I won too, not terribly much, between 50 and 100 euros I think, but that is quite an amount for an 18-year-old boy.  Over the next few days and weeks, I regularly returned to the casino with friends, even worse: I discovered online gambling.  My older brother and I both applied for a credit card from the bank to deposit money.  Within a month I had gambled my spending limit of €1000.  It only held me back briefly: I had to win the money back, and one night I succeeded.  How I did it I did it, but I turned 25 euros into over 1000 euros with online roulette.  I was relieved and decided to close the book.  However, I continued to gamble again.  In the years that followed, gambling continued.  I made up betting systems that sometimes worked, but failed much more often.  Sometimes I won an amount of 1000 euros, walked on clouds for a week, went out to eat expensive, bought expensive stuff, and then gambled a multiple of this amount again.

Ay ay, first of all good luck, I know the addiction! I notice from your story that you have had an addiction for quite some time and you are also currently repaying your mortgage. I recognize it by the way, refunding an x ​​amount, half of which will eventually go back to gambling.

Hi Dred,

Dear Admiral,

Aye, thanks for sharing your story.

Gambling is simply the worst addiction you can have after screwing up your own health of course! We just have to check with ourselves that they didn’t get rich for nothing. Must come from somewhere to be able to pay for such properties. We’re just less likely to come out of this with a happy smile. Everything they do is wrong, especially the lights, noise and urge to stay there longer.

I once made a friendship with someone who worked at a casino. Online casino: BWIN. We got along really well, but they don’t want to know anything about you outside of this. It’s just a marketing ploy to get you there more often. We need to get rid of these naughty practices.

I wish you the best of luck, will keep your posts as well!

Fortunately, you have no real debts yet, the amounts you now mention are negligible compared to amounts that I have seen disappearing in my area! But be careful with this, it only has to be a moment of weakness or greed and salary 2 in a row is gone and you are suddenly after the facts.. First of all, it is important when you stop that you really, really forget that that money (40K) has been lost. Think of it as a bundle you dropped down a well and never see again.

In addition, what I have done, possibly hand over your finances to your wife or someone you trust fully. This helps so much against the urge to bet those few tens, because that’s how it starts of course.

Good luck with it! Incidentally, I downloaded an App on the IPhone; Gambling adiction Calendar, which lists the days when you don’t gamble etc. Nice and a nice support behind the back.

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