April 2022


And was it successful?

How have the past few months gone HMKAM/ Difficulty quitting? Have you had tough moments and what other choices have you made?

It is always difficult to stop, that voice never goes away.
And you’re absolutely right that it sucks when you lose money but that feeling of lying to yourself is indeed the worst thing there is and I know what it feels like to hate yourself.
Try to talk about it with your girlfriend or family, good luck.

hey never lucky,

Are you going to keep track of how you are doing every week?

hey timberland,

Sorry for responding so late, I’ve been back to work for a few weeks now and so luckily I worry less.
I still have the dream of becoming a poker pro, I can’t get it out of my mind.

I’m still not completely myself and I’m not really happy either, I still think a lot about gambling and I still smoke every day, I can’t break that vicious circle.

The plus is that I know from myself that I will not gamble for the time being because I don’t have much to spend.
Poker is not possible for the time being, although I would like to, I’m very honest about that.
With me it is always a few weeks of being sad after a loss and then just moving on, but that is not possible now because I am unsubscribed from everywhere for 6 months

Oh well we’ll see, unfortunately I’m not as determined as you are and I’m already counting down in my head to that date when I can play poker again, pretty stupid I know but I don’t really learn from it.

I don’t seek help, I see that as a weakness, I know it doesn’t necessarily have to be a weakness, but that’s how I interpret it and I don’t need help either because I’m a problem gambler and not a (hard) gambling addict .

Unfortunately, we gamblers can never gamble for the rest of our lives, but we can have a beautiful life.

I think it’s a nice sentence but I never see myself having a “beautiful life” because I am not currently doing what I would like to do and because I am missing a lot in my life.
I sit in the office 9 hours a day with people I don’t even like that much, but that’s okay almost half of the Netherlands has that.

I’ll check this forum again in a while, just wanted to comment.
Sorry it’s so late, good luck buddy.

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hey neverlucky,

It’s good that you haven’t gambled in the last few weeks, that’s always positive despite any argument. As you say yourself, you see yourself as a problem gambler and not as a gambling addict. I hope for you that this is indeed the truth, for you are the one who knows best yourself. I soon knew that I am addicted to gambling, while I am not at all in other areas. Yet it all took a very long time, probably because I have always experienced life as pleasant and it always turned out well. Until the moment came when fine wasn’t fine anymore and I was the one who had to change. It is a pity that you write that you miss a lot in life, because you should not talk yourself into a negative spiral. Is this also the reason you want to become a poker pro, because this seems like the ultimate dream life? Try turning it around and seeing what is going well in your life and/or whether you can put extra energy into this.

Under the motto: if you always do what you have done, you will always get the same result. It takes courage to change, but it will take you to the next page….

be lucky!

You have a lot of questions, If I were you I would find and talk to a confidant. try to talk to that person only about things that are not going well and that you want to get rid of. Then you will also become a bit calmer and you will start thinking and become wiser, I hope.

LH, did the situation end well and what steps have you taken?

I am a 22 year old boy. When I turned 18 I went after the casino for the first time. It was cozy. entertainment and had even made a profit.

hey kenny,

First of all thanks for the responses. It feels nice that there are fellow gamblers / helpers haha.

That letter seems like a very good plan. Write every time you think about gambling. That will certainly help you.

But like I said, an addiction sucks. So it can go wrong. So…

If I go wrong, I will 100% contact the doctor!


Then your questions:

– you do not have to pay a deductible to your doctor. After referral I don’t know. But it can cost you at most 385 euros. Just calculate what it will earn you per year if you don’t gamble anymore.

– I recognize the effect that the value of money disappears for you. Only I have it online but also in the casino;

– once I’ve decided not to gamble anymore, it doesn’t really take much effort for me. I gifted myself an access ban at Holland Casino and I don’t click on any online sites;

– occasionally gamble for fun… do you like it then? Either you win, and then you keep playing and you lose your money, or you lose, and then you keep playing to ‘win back’ your money and then you lose even more money. I can imagine nicer things.

For example, taking your girlfriend out to dinner after a month and giving her a nice necklace because she supports you so well 😉

Hi Kenny.

Luckily I don’t have any experience with gambling addiction, but I just read in the Metro today

that Jessica Broekhuis wrote a book about it, among other things (addictions also drugs and alcohol)

has written; it’s called STOP, available at Bruna, I don’t think in the library for the time being.)

maybe it will help you, and if not, here are some tips for you. good luck!

As you can read in the title this is my last hope, I’ve been a gambling addict all my life wow always playing games for something not for fun it had to be about something.

Hey, nice story. You acknowledge your addiction and you indicate that you know all you need to know about it. That is good. What is your plan for the next few days?

On vacation now don’t really know anything to do to the casino I want.

Hi Gambling Addict,

I have read your story. And I noticed that when you win so much cash, you have no emotion. I have also been addicted to online poker, roulette and betting on matches.

I have never won more than 5000€. I have now stopped everything for over 11 weeks. But still, like me, try to waste your time on other things. I myself go to work and sports a lot. If not, go for a walk in nature or go for a bike ride. Push your limits and make sure you don’t think about gambling. It will be tough but if you continue like this you will end up with 0.00€. Stop while you still can! You know all too well what is happening and you are aware of everything. I have no counseling and quit on my own. So far I try not to think about it every day with the support of my girlfriend and parents. I told my parents and it was not easy. But they’re glad I was honest and if you’ve told them, it’s a huge weight off your shoulders. Try it if you want to message me back go ahead buddy! Good luck friend!

Gr pkr_sshulsen

… to the casino I want…

I hope you managed not to give in to it. What you describe is what we call ‘sigh’ or ‘craving’ or ‘craving’ on the alcohol forum.

It comes on and is all-consuming. But it generally goes away within half an hour. So it is important to get through that half hour. Looking for a distraction is a great solution. Taking a shower with your shoes on is also sometimes mentioned 😉

Thanks for your story Carlo and it’s great to hear that you stopped for a while. Sounds like you’re very much on the right track. I would advise against going to an arcade for fun, but of course you know yourself best. However, gambling addiction is a huge adversary to beat permanently (I speak from experience). And mood and mental toughness often vary in strength and level. Sometimes you can feel super good and disciplined for a year, incredibly resilient and not gambling is almost that easy

Carlo, super proud of you! Very similar story to my own story, by the way, how it all starts and how you keep getting money and looking for more and more gambling halls, because you have a ban yourself. All the locations you talk about are also known to me † Even have to laugh at your story about the return journey from Knokke heist. Have also experienced those moments and even slept on a bench in Eindhoven and Breda. How far can you go haha.

an addiction never really goes away, which is why I think it is unwise to go to gambling opportunities. great that you stopped for so long! but you know the saying pride comes before a fall?

an addiction never really goes away, which is why I think it is unwise to go to gambling opportunities. great that you stopped for so long! but you know the saying pride comes before a fall?

Hi Wilco,

Thanks for your message. I get that you think it’s unwise to visit a gambling hall or casino when I haven’t gambled in over a year. However, I see those visits as a training to control myself not to go, and by watching other people play (and losing 9 times out of 10) you realize that gambling can hardly ever be profitable.

I hope never to have a relapse and am very confident in this. Thanks to this forum I can finally talk to people who have had the same experience. That alone is very supportive.

Partner, home, work.

Good night,

Yes indeed terrible. Very recognizable.

Hi AL,

That’s tough. Glad you found your way to this forum. How are you now? And have you already been to your doctor? For me, the GP was an important step in solving my addiction problems.

In any case, welcome here and do what you have set yourself: keep writing (even if things go wrong or if things go wrong).

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