Update: just had a slight urge to win back my loss from yesterday but instead of having my account frozen at the online casino....

…and it’s 24 degrees and gloriously sunny today and I’m sitting here feeling sick and worried about last night’s gambling. only slept at 0300 and woke up at 9 am from the stress / guilt and that feeling of emptiness after loss …. so feel tired …. so not only a waste of money but also a waste of this beautiful spring day … .hope I read this back when I’m tempted again….I never want to experience this again…it’s also self-inflicted damage to my life so this stress isn’t necessary at all and I ended up having it myself the hand….it seems so simple: all I have to do is stop gambling…

no more gambling for 4 days….and counting.

Good luck with it, I’m now 41 days dry after 8 years of heavy gambling. It is starting to take less and less place in my life, after years I start to live as a ‘normal person’.

Make sure you don’t start with that tenner, because every euro you bet means that you maintain your behavior. After a certain time, the calm will return. You haven’t been gambling that long so stop before you get into bigger trouble, accept your loss. Trust me, it could be so much worse!

So stupid I started gambling online again. I’m ashamed and I can’t resist myself anymore. Why do I fall back into the same pattern every time. Another 500 euros gone! I can’t take it anymore. After a month of not gambling, I was stupid again. Sometimes I think what does it matter!!

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