I am a woman and I think addicted to gambling.  I've been pretty much in control of myself lately.  I have set a limit of €100 per month.  Yesterday, however, I found another site and luckily deposited “only” €50.  Now I regret again.  I've never been in debt, but a year and a half ago I was dumbfounded when I won $6000.  Of course I had to pay out immediately and I decided not to gamble anymore as this couldn't happen a second time!  After a few weeks I deposited €50 again and to my surprise my balance had risen again to €3000.  This is where things went wrong.  I lost that €3000, but I wanted to win back so I completely gambled the €6000 that I won earlier. 

Just closed all my accounts on gambling sites.


I really hate myself for this too. And Tamam, if you’re getting that mad about my story, how mad must he be.

I’m going to tell now. I’m literally sick of it.

I have been a gambling addict for 7 years now. Very bad and I really want to get rid of it. I have been clean from alcohol for 3 years. Quit smoking six months ago. But that gambling. I just can’t seem to master it. I only gamble online. I don’t like casinos with people around me. I keep removing my banking app from my phone, but that doesn’t help either and I have to remain reachable, so throwing away the phone doesn’t work.

Anyone recognize this?

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