After an injury of more than a year, I decided to have a drink with guys from my neighborhood, and I also took a gamble….. Well the cliche story actually in the beginning it was a nice side effect for drinking , a ‘fun and exciting pastime’. So I went every week and from the age of 16 I could be found almost weekly in this pub and I therefore automatically started gambling every week where people already told me come and stand with us sometimes even literally had to be pulled away from that cupboard it was that bad then …. one thing led to another, think I spent more than 15k in that time, money that my parents had saved for me, …. in that time I started also with smoking and using coke …. This is still the case to this day (coke in the weekend now and then for a weekend not when I am, for example, a weekend away with my girlfriend or on vacation & smoke at least 3 times a week in bad weeks daily, in the end I have a certain indulgence I think, this applies to almost everything a lot of attention from girls/women and also badly handled from mn 15 to mn 25 many people hurt aimlessly with my actions, that’s the past luckily improved for years since I moved in together no longer v I used to see this as 1 big game now luckily no longer.

Dear jgs,

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