I was in a relationship until 2 years ago. a girl who found out between all my lies and deception that I gambled… instead of leaving we switched authorities is.. de Breijder, Gamblers Anonymous, psychologist, etc.

thank you for these words.. right now i don't think about gambling.. right now i'm only thinking about the people i've dragged into my problems... right now drowning in guilt... but gotta keep my head up now.. thank you!

42 minutes ago Cleo66 said:

You have to be very careful about how you feel right now. So that when everything is back on track, you won’t fall again. This is recognizable. The monster lays low for a moment . He wants to take advantage of you as long as possible so he stretches it as long as possible. So it strikes again. And then you have to think back to this feeling , you never want that again . So you slam that door right in his face.

Now don’t be too hard on yourself, pretend you’re your own best friend, you’re not going to spend all day combing everything he’s doing wrong.

Come on man you can do this

you’re also right about this, it’s a feeling that will wear off .. it’s because I personally spoke to everyone I met and I was honest with how or what … and the disappointment you hear or feel it will linger for a while .. but thanks for your uplifting words man! I will continue to post here from time to time…

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