Now very addicted I think I've spent more than 35k so far.

Hey, how’s it going to stop so far? Your story is basically the same as mine, I also lost a lot of money in a short time. I am also often away from home during the week as a driver, so because of the time you have (while driving) constantly gambling, at least I had that. Am now on day 11 stopping, and it’s getting better but at the beginning found it difficult to focus on driving…

Hey dude, going well so far but also don’t have money 5 euros at the moment. But get a salary again on Friday, I had a week off so will be around 2800 euros. Strangely enough, I’m already thinking about investing 100 euros on Friday. But because of this I also conflict with myself not to do it. There are still quite a few bills that I will pay first. And Saturday to a festival with my girlfriend. Focusing on driving works fine for me, I just feel that I’m rehab. So it depends on Friday when money will come in again. Do you also drive internationally?

Okay, well, a lot of exceptional, so there is also something international in between, but not constantly.

Can you only tell one thing, I think we think the same, in that sense. For a month I thought I could stop myself, but secretly didn’t want to. That cost me almost 20000 euros before I told my parents, and then I got rid of my bank details and I only get pocket money, and an emergency card that I only use for roadside restaurants…

The point is that if you now think you will gamble again on Friday, I’m sure you will, that’s just the addiction, after 3 days you think you can do it again. When I didn’t have a pass anymore 10 days ago I was happy, but 3 days later I thought “fack” I hadn’t said it.

But now I’m starting to get to the point where I don’t think about gambling as much anymore, and can think a little more clearly and realize that gambling destroys just as much as drugs…

That’s a lot of money too. We’re still young, so it’s never too late to stop. Do your good just say just bring pocket money. Maybe that’s something for me too… just get internet banking off my phone. Bringing your pocket money and letting someone else handle my finances is thinking about my brother. Otherwise I’m afraid it won’t work. Thought I was never an addict. Also sometimes smoke like on the weekends when I’m home. But can do very well without it. I’m just sorry for all of us that it turned out this way. Tons of money rushed through gambling addiction is a silent killer.

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