I have a good job with good income, but especially in 2018 things went very wrong by playing online roulette, now at all those companies and even in advance where I was unsubscribed for a certain time, I emailed these companies and let me unsubscribe completely.  Things have gone wrong since last summer.  Started with fairly low amounts and then won eg 20k and had everything paid out and then stopped (for 1 day) after I did this confessed everything and said I needed help since I don't know my limits so I guess I don't know my limits. 

hey ralph,

Hi Ralph,

Thanks for your responses and tips.

it is indeed quite true what you say but it is just so dst the pain afterwards is terrible and difficult to handle. In the meantime I attended a meeting of the agog and that also helped me a lot. Also made a clean sweep with telling a loved one that also helped.

but the fact remains a huge regret, even though I know if you make such an amount of 700 €, she will not just pay it out because there is always a catch of yes you have unsubscribed at one of our sister casinos etc… At least that’s what I thought and dst made me stressed again why I continued to play after such a mega profit.

stop is going to suck and thanks again

I’ve been through the same thing as you Ralph. Won 30k and confessed to my wife and not been able to enjoy it for a week, all gambled again.

Hope you are doing well now and that you don’t think about it much anymore, I think every half hour what we could have done with the money.

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