The years after that I often stopped and then after 6 months or a year I started playing again, often it was with roulette and then I lost 3 to 4k and then I couldn’t hide it anymore and I confessed everything and I stopped again for 6 months to a year.

Hey Hey! I just read your story and it is so recognizable .. in 1 month I made 25k of 150 euros first and a day later it was gone again .. after a few days of rest and let it sink in and 500 deposited and I came to 45k and that same night it was still gone.. again a few sleepless nights.. a week later my salary was deposited and 1500 deposited and within 5 min I had 150 left and from that moment it was 1 line to almost 110k and I am at 100k stopped and went to sleep.. i woke up and immediately continued within an hour 25k the evening try again 50k lighter and the next day the other 25k lost..we never find it enough but want to keep trying and we resolve when we have that much I’ll stop! well I’ve been an addict for 8 years now and only stress and poverty richer and friends, family poorer .. I’ve said it many times but now it’s really ready .. ready to close the gambling chapter and make some more of my life!

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