Today is the umpteenth attempt but now I really want to get it done.  Stop until 31-12-2021


The funny thing is I never really feel the urge, at least not in the last few months, only sometimes I’m bored and I don’t know what to do and then I’m going to deposit 1x again, 20 euros just to do something, but then comes something in me is quite scary, because then there is no stopping and I just keep going and sometimes I think 2 hours later what have I done

Almost 2 weeks on the way after this message and still haven’t gambled a cent

it’s a small start I haven’t known really difficult moments yet, although I must say that sometimes I do know some money moments of happiness and it is also due to the time of year Sinterklaas etc only then there is voice again ah event website register and deposit 100

But don’t give in!!! Too often before that it went well and then a weak moment and that after 2 hours you think what just happened -600

even though there is not much activity here, this forum helps because every now and then try to read something from others here and then you immediately realize stay away from the gambling sites

Good job keep it up! I myself notice that the need can really come with waves and that it is then very difficult to control yourself. If possible, I would really advise you to hand over control of the finances to, for example, your wife. It’s a tough step, but it’s really going to help you through the tough times, and it also shows that you’re taking it very seriously.

Good luck!

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