I have been gambling from a young age. Where, as with many, it first starts as a fun night out where I visited a casino maybe 1 to 3 times a year and played relatively small amounts. Over the years I have started to gamble more and more and the amounts have also increased. In the end I I developed an addiction and when I gamble I keep going until I run out of money. As a result, I went into debt in everything and I went into debt. Every bit of money that came in went there and I had all kinds of constructs to keep this addiction a secret from my environment. A few years ago the bubble finally burst whereby bills could no longer be paid. Hereby I put everything on the table with my girlfriend and family and told my one secret that no one knew. I think this only happened because the limit had been reached for me and I couldn’t go any further.

Hi Bob, very familiar to all.  Please don't make the mistakes I'm still making tell Dr. You're entering a lie world yourself.  It's such an *addiction where there are no words.  I wish you the best of luck 

Dear Radloos, thank you for your message. It will most certainly be told today. In the meantime I have recovered a bit. And the whole process of not gambling starts all over again. I just think it’s scary that I can suddenly gamble everything again for 1 day. And I feel like I don’t see this coming. This could be in a year or 2 years, no idea. I want to stop permanently. Have lived in a heavy gambling addiction for too long a period of my life. Stopping, which worked every time for a fairly long period of time, gave me a lot of satisfaction and pleasure in life.

I understand the feeling I had exactly the same and I had stopped for almost three years. Finally saved money again. Life went well and then everything went through in one day. You have to put it behind you and start building again. Day before good luck man

give someone (your parents, girlfriend) the right to check your account for the coming years. So give full control and insight into your financial flow. Good luck!

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