The relationship with the mother of my 2 oldest children has ended partly due to gambling and I have been in a relationship for a number of years with my current girlfriend with whom I have my youngest child. 

NoseD thank you for finally sharing your story here. Besides the money you lost you also put a lot of other things at risk and that makes it so sad. It’s pretty quiet on this forum at the moment but understand you’re not the only one screwing things up.

How good that you are here! Time for action when I read it like this .. What helps me is installing Gamban on my phone and tablet and giving insight into my expenses, really unwise *, but it helps, really! I’ve been gambling-free for 6 days now and I’m quite proud of that. Come on, change your life, this isn’t going to bring any good if you carry on like this. greetings love

Welcome NoseD, also from my generation with many recognizable stories. Almost get a trip down memory lane again just like charly lownoise and mental Theo.

It is clear that you are addicted to your bone and have had a very adventurous journey, but now the real journey is about to begin. Good luck with it and you can read plenty of tips and wisdom.

What actions have you taken to stop in the past 15 years?


@Drama unfortunately not yet had the balls to tell.

@Liek79thanks for the tip

@Timberlandik went to AGOG once for a chat. That is now about 8 years ago. I just didn’t feel like it brought me anything at the time and I didn’t go after that.

At the time I did tell my best friend and he said: call me if you suddenly think you want to gamble again. But at such a moment you don’t think about it anymore and you just want to gamble. And then the fence of the dam.

The day after the first message I still gambled away 400 euros. And when I was done I suddenly thought of something I had read here. A gambler never wins because everything he wins he gambles again. That was suddenly an eye-opener for me at that moment and very recognizable.

Now day 3 of no more gambling. I’ll be keeping track of how it goes here.

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