In the meantime, football bets have also been discovered and small amounts have been played. That too will be higher for the kick.

@Futurebrightsucces man .the struggle is real unfortunately .but with the right mind set it should work !!

True, a lot has to do with mindset. Creating this is often easier than persevering. Often really looking at a piece of willpower. Since willpower and muscle is that will continue to be trained, it is easy to fall into decline. Especially in Corona time is it’s difficult. Lost work, fitness closed and boredom sets in…

Yes it is it does strange things those bad thoughts .I now just have in mind that I never want that despair again after a loss .it is difficult to hold that mind set and not to think it can be done again .I I kept it up for almost three years but with Corona and working in the catering industry boredom struck again. Then that voice comes again: try again it can’t hurt. With me it was the other way around I often won with football gambling and then lost everything in the online casino. Now that the catering industry is partly open again I am fortunately getting some rhythm and routine and less free time. I thank God on my bare knees. Hope everything will be straightened out in a few months .we then do this .

Very recognizable! I also work in the hospitality industry. I don’t like gambling halls and casinos, so Corona has more influence for me…

apart that everyone has a different experience with gambling, but the struggles are the same in daily life. For some it is more intense than for others.

read the thread of timberland and it is very intense and interesting because several also dare to have their say and what they encounter.

go sportsbet and go well for a while until I lift and start betting higher. The well-known devil that everyone knows. I was able to play poker profitably because I had a coach and then stay in discipline. I have no heavy debts but also built up nothing in the life….if I had a bonus then I had to buy something quickly otherwise it would go into the trash online.Casino never attracted me because I know there is nothing to win there at all, but that is with sportsbet case with me and many others.
I am still building up the poker account which is going well but feel the unease. People will say take it off before you waste the profit you have built up. I am in two minds because for 2 years I have had the discipline to be profitable play poker without playing sportsbets.I will be honest and update here every now and then,

sorry for not writing clearly as i am more and lurker.

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